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The Illumine

The Illumine


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 "Mahina Hoey's novel is amazing, inspiring, gripping, and delightful! It dances through hippie memories, adolescent angst, supernatural drama, and spiritual insight.

Vividly told through the eyes of an extraordinary young woman discovering herself.

Buy this book and savor it. And there will be more!"


- Carolyn Prentice, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, University of South Dakota.


Cover by Jennie Perlmutter

“Alone in the dark, silent, barely breathing. A single word… Fight.”

The moment fifteen-year-old Eleanor Grace holds her breath and boards a bus in Santa Fe, New Mexico bound for Denver, Colorado, she courageously releases herself from the neglect and abuse of her emotionally barren mother, and unknowingly accepts the role of the extraordinary young woman she was born to be.

On her sixteenth birthday Eleanor is presented with the truth, a secret that has been kept dormant by Nature and withheld by the people who’ve sworn to shield her from it.

As Eleanor’s journey begins she is consumed by the forbidden love she feels for her sworn protector William Noel, and utterly tormented by his blatant indifference toward her as he struggles to uphold his duty to simply protect her gift.

Eleanor’s quest for self-discovery takes her from Denver to Crestone, Colorado, and ends on Roque Island, Maine where she battles for the love of a half-brother she has never known, surrounded by sinister young men and the organization that controls them; the same organization that will stop at nothing in their quest to possess Eleanor and the gift blossoming inside of her.